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Summer camps St. Louis

Summer Camps St. Louis - Making Friends

Summer Camps for Kids

Looking for summer camps St. Louis?  You have come to the right place.  We have a great assortment of summer camps for kids.  Overnight camps, day camps, sports camps, arts camps, science camps, …  Would you like to go on an outer space adventure?  White water rafting?  Learn to be a magician?  Were summer camps St. Louis this much fun when we were kids?

Summercamp, summercamps, or sumer camp?

We find it interesting the different ways people come up with when spelling summer camp.  However, one thing is for sure.  When it comes to summer camps St. Louis, with so many great choices, your kids are in for a sensational summer!

Summer Camps St. Louis - swimming

Summer day camp

Summer day camp is a great way for your child to try new things and get away from the TV and video games for a brief time!  You don’t want him playing video games all summer, do you?  You want him swimming, hiking, learning about nature, making new friends,…   Not to mention playing sports, doing art projects, singing camp songs, going on amazing field trips, and more!

Specialty camps

A subset of day camps is specialty camps.  There are more specialty camp options than there are cards in a deck!  Space camp, fun science camp, circus camp, rock star band camp, climbing camp, cake baking camp,…  If only I was a kid again!

Why not do the best of both worlds?  Sign up your kids for day camps for much of the summer.  Pick 2 or 3 specialty camps in which they have interest and try those for something fun and different!

Summer Camps St. Louis - summer camps for kids

Sleepaway Camp

Some of our best memories as adults are from sleepaway camp when we were kids.  What a great experience sleepaway camp is.  And there are so many great choices these days.  Whether you want to stay fairly close in MO or IL, or venture out to WI or CO or farther, your child is in for a great life experience!

St. Louis Summer Camps

Thanks for checking out our summer camps St. Louis.  The toughest thing will be deciding!